Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Raw Watercress & Granny Smith Apple Salad

This is a recipe that I've seen several variations of that call for non-raw ingredients (like cheese or candied pecans), but making it on my own with a few modifications makes this a delicious summer salad for raw foodists and vegans alike. There's something extra refreshing about the way
the tangy Granny Smith apples hit your tongue in contrast to the buttery texture of the watercress. If you can't find watercress, arugula is a stunning alternative. Substituting arugula gives it a spicy kick that compliments the earthy flavor of the fennel bulb.

Please keep in mind that the quantities are merely suggestions. As with all salads, it's all based on your own personal taste. In this case, the quantities of the dressing are up to you as well since it's so simple. I'd have an extra lemon on hand, just in case.

Serves 2 as a Main Course or 4 as a Side Salad

What You'll Need:
A Sharp Knife or Mandoline
Large Bowl to Throw Everything In
A Separate Bowl to Whisk the Dressing Together (Optional)

1 Whole Lemon
¼ Cup Grape Seed or Olive Oil
1 Fennel Bulb
1 Bunch of Watercress (or Arugula)
1 Crisp Granny Smith Apple
Freshly Ground Salt & Pepper

1. Juice the lemon, set aside.

2. Chop off the stalks of the fennel if still intact, then wash any dirt off of the fresh fennel bulb. If you don't have a mandoline handy, be sure to slice the fennel lengthwise as thinly as possible with a sharp knife. Try to keep a few of the slices intact to place on top of the salad as a nice garnish. Place into your large bowl, keeping the few slivers on the side.

3. Thinly slice the Granny Smith apple. You can cut it up into bite-sized pieces if you prefer, or visually pleasing wedges. It's entirely up to you. Place the apple slices in the bowl topped with a small amount of the lemon juice—just enough to keep the apple from turning brown.

4. Wash and dry the watercress, slicing off any roots or tough stems. You can place the watercress in the salad bowl whole, or slice into bite-sized pieces. Once again, this is entirely up to you.

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